Transport in Kenya

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Transport in Kenya


Transport in Kenya basically embrace an extension of a number of travel options of different modes that suit particular individual or group travelers needs. The choices range from hiring of private chartered flights to 4*4 wheel drive cars, tour vans, modern train between the cities of Mombasa and Nairobi, bicycle riding among many others. There is absolutely something for every traveler.


Domestic and International Flights in Kenya are all highly networked with a number of carriers linking various towns and cities in Kenya, Africa and indeed around the world. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, JKIA was recently awarded Category One Status by the US government allowing direct flights to the US, besides being most popular African business hub over the years, makes Kenya’s JKIA, local airports and airstrips all suitable, easily accessible and offer convenience to every visitor, business or leisure. Travelers can directly book flights of their choices as British Airways, KLM Dutch Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Virgin Atlantic, South Africa Airways, among many others in the international flights category. Local and regional category include Air Kenya, Fly 540, Safari Link, Jambo Jet, East African Safari Air, Precision Air, Mombasa Safari Air and many other carriers. Airfares for all domestic flights are inclusive of taxes. Also remember that local airlines offer individual or group charter that makes it an ideal, most suitable and reliable way of visiting the remote parts of the country as it avoids travelling long distance drives by road.


All Kenyan visitors are allowed by law to drive using a valid and recognized international drivers’ license. Driving is on the left hand side giving way to traffic on the right hand side. Distances are measured and signposted in kilometres when petrol or diesel is sold by the litre. Drivers are advised to properly check the condition of their vehicles/cars before they engage on long distance journeys since roads can be very poor in remote destination areas. A 4*4 wheel drive car is highly recommended in handling different terrains across the country.


There are many car hire companies in Nairobi and Mombasa Kenya best associated with offering quality services to their customers. A few good others are found in leading towns throughout the country. But before signing a contract to hire a car, it is advisable that all the legalities are put to a thorough check including a valid insurance cover, vehicle maintenance history and general condition of the car.


Taxi or Cabs in Kenya are all concentrated in heavy commercial areas such as the airports, city centres, shopping malls, hotels, casinos among other places. They are all officially marked in yellow strip color to distinguish them from private cars. Most luxury leading city hotels provide airport transfers at minimal cost to their guests or do not charge any fees at all. All visitors hiring private yellow marked taxis or cabs in Kenya are advised to negotiate their charges/fees before departure to avoid overcharging.


Bus Companies in Kenya are in constant competition in proving comfortable quality luxury commuter buses to high demanding travelers. There are three main categories of bus companies, the city shuttle, country and regional buses. The city shuttle buses serve JKIA and city centre of Nairobi as well as the residential estates, whereas the country buses serve between the cities and all major towns across Kenya, and finally the regional buses transport travellers from Kenyan cities to other regional cities like Kampala, Kigali, Dar es Salaam, and Juba in Southern Sudan.


Railway Transport in Kenya has been upgraded with the recent official launch of the new and modern railway system popularly known to Kenyans as SGR, the Standard Gauge Railway that provide luxury and faster connection between Mombasa and Nairobi in a record 4.5hrs to commuters. The journey by train is likely to attract more and more travellers who will be enjoying captivating scenes of the Tsavo elephants and other wildlife as they pass through. Consult your travel agent for more information.


Sea Transport in Kenya best define anchorage popular points in Kenya for yachts in Mtwapa, Kilifi, Mnarani and Lamu as many tourists come into Kenya through the sea including marine soldiers. Many different modes of transport are available in Kenya depending with the visitor choice or taste.