Tourist Attractions in Kenya

  • Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Tourist Attractions in Kenya


Tourist Attractions in Kenya


Tourist attractions in Kenya are all spread across every part of the country and mainly include things to do and see. Kenya is most popular world destination for wildlife and award-winning soft white sandy beaches. As usual, different travelers have variable travel tastes, expectations and interests. Some of the following activities clearly outline the available tourist attractions hotspots in Kenya:


Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara basically becomes an attraction of the country’s flagship travel product that has attracted the entire world to Destination Kenya. The migration calendar show that from June onwards every year, the Masai Mara encounters millions of wildebeests and other animals such as zebras travel northwards across the Mara River from the Serengeti in Tanzania. Between October and November, the animals migrate back again to the Serengeti to feed on the fresh tall grass.


Game drive in Kenya also has immensely contributed to the growth of the tourism sector in the country. Kenya is widely known to be the home of a large wildlife population in Africa including the Big Five. The Big Five family comprises the lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and cheetah. Most camps and lodges provide day and night game drives that are highly customized, attractive and memorable and enjoyable by all groups of travelers irrespective of their age difference.


Mountain climbing in Kenya attracts a huge number of tourists who desire and plan to climb Mount Kenya that also offers stunning views of the landscape with its height of 5,199 feet expose climbers to wonderful sport experience of a lifetime. However, the mountain climbing enthusiasts are expected to be fully trained individuals with relevant skills in the sport. This helps in reducing cases of accidents and deaths associated with high altitudes. The best months recommended for magical mountain climbing are January, February, August and September every year.


Wedding and honeymoon in Kenya and associated travel products have attracted millions of newly wedded couples to various destinations around the country from white sandy coastal beaches to luxury city hotels combined with bushy accommodation in the wild that specialize and offer life-long memorable marriage experience. There are endless wedding and honeymoon in Kenya travel packages offered by a number of properties across the country. You may consult your travel agent for a professional advice.


Camping in Kenya attracts adventurous visitors whose interests are in bush safaris and tours in the countryside. Camping safaris are most popular in the wildlife areas of Maasai Mara, Tsavo, Mount Kenya region and others, and where tents are erected traditionally by the operators to provide safe and comfortable accommodation to their guests. It is an extremely exciting experience to spend a safe and highly protected life in the wild, spending a night with the wild animals in the wilderness.


Bungee jumping in Kenya along the River Tana banks of a 60m [200ft] high of the wild waters is real fun to the lovers of this game. Professional staffs are on stand-by to conduct and supervise each stage of the event to avoid unnecessary accidents. This is an explosive travel attraction on river tana.


Golfing in Kenya are activities and events of a game that is most popular with the rich attracting players from all over the world especially during the times of the annual golf tournament held in April of each year in Nairobi. There are public and private golf clubs to choose from in Kenya today with many professional golfers to make your game interesting and amazingly satisfying.


Deep sea diving or scuba diving in Kenya becomes an activity enjoyed by many fans who choose  to swim with the whale sharks in the deep sea waters of the Kenya’s Indian Ocean mainly during the month of February. This activity is most commonly found in Diani, Malindi and Watamu.


Bird watching in Kenya comprises more than 450 flamingo bird species in their Lake Nakuru natural habitat. There is countless number of total bird species in Kenya found in different geographical locations or destinations spots around the country. This scene gives spectacular views to bird lovers and visitors to these particular locations.


Eating out and Partying in Kenya are adventures mostly associated by travelers who value fun of eating finely prepared cuisine of different delicacies including roasted beef. The Carnivore Restaurant located along Lang’ata road is widely known for quality roasted meat that will always put your taste buds to a serious test. There is endless list of restaurants in major cities, towns and across the country where eating and partying will never end. Find more details from your travel agent.