Smart Data Marketing is best for Hotel Booking

By Praxcedes

Nairobi Kenya


Smart data marketing is best for hotel booking as properties optimize targeting online visitors aiming to boost real time campaign conversions and actual bookings. The campaign mainly target internet users with search intent planning to make an informed choice of a suitable destination. This technology can magically revolutionize direct hotel bookings as it helps the sector link between their digital marketing efforts and revenue management target goals through identifying relevant audience and prospects.

Smart data marketing is a digital campaign that encompasses balanced usage of customer management data and intent data points.  With this collation, properties are able to make the best out of the past, present and future customer data, necessary in generating more bookings.

Hotels mainly target past guests sourced from direct marketing mailers, old customers who went silent after stay. Smart data marketing can help various properties identify new potential guests to increase their bookings. Besides, this technology is potentially useful in real time reaching out to those who searched their hotel or flights to a particular destination. There is a high possibility in converting these guests from mere search guests to customers.


Hotels can maximize bookings through smart data marketing in the following 4 ways:

  • Targeting potential customers with the right data information, various hotels can directly target their audience based on geographical location where they can capture and convert guests sending personalized messages of attractive travel offers and products.
  • Access to existing customer data based on demographics of their guest profiles giving hotels an opportunity to analyze the existing data in maximizing bookings.
  • Use the available collected data for immediate and future marketing campaigns of content driven aimed at making strong conversions. Hotels should embrace continuous conversion cycle as compared to a one-off booking. Properties need to collate all methods that work and those that failed to help them design future successful campaigns.
  • Optimize campaign content that target actual bookings using direct marketing campaign methods and dynamic rate marketing by way of flashing hotel offers and products across the various search options that customers visit frequently giving it a higher chance of closing that booking over other properties.