Do we have family-friendly hotels in Kenya?

  • Do we have family-friendly hotels in Kenya?

Do we have family-friendly hotels in Kenya?


There are 7-star ways to let your visitors know

Properties in business need to know that standing out strongly as family-friendly hotels in Kenya have best chances of increasing their profits as it is evident that finding suitable accommodation for family groups of three or more can be a big challenge in most world cities and towns. Families make for highly lucrative guests since they already have a ready budget for every member, as compared to single or double-room guests. When properties position themselves well as family friendly, they are likely to attract more families, increase their levels of repeat business that will turn-around their profit margins. Just a few tweaks of your current marketing strategy will certainly get you started.


Here below are 7 cost-effective ways to position your hotel as a family-friendly facility:

 1. Use your website to attract families as many people crowd the internet looking for relevant information that will help them plan their family’s next trip. They are busy browsing for travel offers, flight itineraries, doing budget allocation and looking around for an ideal family-friendly hotel. Your hotel’s strong online presence and how you convince them you offer solutions to their needs will certainly give you the sale. Poor or no presentation at all will make you irrelevant and finally lose the business to your closest competitors. We recommend that you show high resolution images of families enjoying their stay at your property on your homepage to draw and attract attention of your next potential visitors.

2. Post best images of families having fan enjoying your hotel accommodation and other facilities, on your property social media pages to attract other families looking for similar services in their next trip. Display parents relaxing with kids from the comfort of their suites, playing in the pool, or sharing meals together. Social media feeds works best here for you.

3. Clearly define the family-friendly advantages that your hotel offer Dad, Mom, Kids and whole family. Make your points simple and straight forward to the readers. Highlight on important areas as hospitality, convenience, and affordability as the main ones. Briefly describe how you welcome the family on their arrival at your hotel, any unique treatment that you provide as they check-in. Do you have special welcome package plans to attract the kids and their parents that will make them remember you when they get back home, or make them want to come back again, or recommend your hotel to friends and relatives who are planning a family trip to your destination? Finally, summarize by giving more emphasis to hospitality and accommodation affordability of your hotel to visiting families.

4. Your family-friendly hotel should have highly competitive rates and special package plans that will attract bookings ahead of the rest. Family guests come in a capacity of groups of people and desire the best treatment for everyone irrespective of their interests, business, leisure or weekend-getaway. Family-friendly hotels should not target advertising single and double-rooms alone but also service benefits to family guests.

5. Sample of practical itineraries and local attractions highlights will help well market your hotel as a perfect choice of destination to many different families. Parents are constantly concerned with how the whole family will be kept entertained throughout the vacation duration, particularly the kids. When they fail to get such information from your website then they are likely to pick on your immediate competitors who might have walked steps ahead of you to make such information available and accessible online. Dedicate a family excursions itinerary sample page on your corporate business website to provide relevant online information to help your potential customers, and to eventually increase your online bookings.

6. Let your guests know that you care about everyone in family when they can come along with their pooch. It’s time for a holiday and leaving behind a family member isn’t always a good option. Let families know that you offer a solution in solving their dog pet-sitting issues.

7. Upscale your online profiles to show different families how your hotel best suit their needs as they embark on search for a family-friendly hotel. Upload recent catchy family images on your website to demonstrate the available family attraction activities, discounts, games among others. Make your hotel rank at the top of search engine results to boost your chances of getting your next online booking. We help many hotels in Kenya appear in Google ranking top positions of page #1. You too can take advantage by listing your property with us now, to hit high Google search ranking under-Family-friendly Hotels in Kenya


So, are you ready to increase your business revenues by becoming the finest, best and most preferred family-friendly hotel in Kenya today?