Benefits of Internet in Tourism Industry Marketing

By Peter Adel

Nairobi Kenya

More than 90 per cent of World travelers depend on internet as a reliable information source. Benefits of internet in tourism industry marketing are numerous especially in connecting various destination points and travelers hence boosting the overall sector performance around the globe.

Tourism industry players who are visionary and highly ambitious have embraced the power of internet in wealth creation as a modern innovative marketing technique compatible and most popular with all age groups and professions.


  • There is a sharp rise in internet usage across the world today making it the most suitable media of choice for industry players in promotion of their tourism and travel products.
  • Internet marketing is highly effective and result-oriented media channel for ambitious and visionary businesses.
  • Measurable results are guaranteed
  • Easy to track your campaign performance
  • Fast, dependable and reliable
  • Easy and fast to engage with potential tourist travelers
  • Most web platforms offer direct online enquiries and service bookings
  • Offer unlimited distribution of internet information 24/7
  • It is easy and extremely fast to post new content whenever it is available such as travel package offers, fresh newsletter, and relevant news about your business among many other changes in line with updating your customers.
  • The sharing of quality content is likely to attract quality customers to your business.
  • Internet marketing is a widely preferred communication channel by most industry leaders above print, TV and radio in information sharing and advertising of their travel products and services.

  • It is easier to research, compare, analyze and finally make a decision on reliable compiled data through the internet based on different travel package offers from a number of competing destinations. This can be termed as ‘informed-decision-making’ because it is based on facts.
  • Internet marketing becomes even easier when you ask your online visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, a process that is only complete when the subscriber provides their email contact address. So the next time you are sending out new offers then you are directly communicating with people who have the interest in your business, a potential customer.
  • At the top of the game is the need to have your business at the top of search engine web page search results. Make sure your search ranking results appear on page #1 of Google and other search engines for your business to effectively compete alongside your market leaders. Professional Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is essential component here in ensuring you score higher and command high traffic to your website for possible increased business.
  • It is therefore recommended that you look at internet marketing as a necessity tool in helping you to easily realize your marketing target goals in 2017 and beyond.


The time is now for you to boost your business through identifying and working with leading industry web advertising platforms that will deliver amazing results on your online campaigns above your expectations.