Africa to Maximize Tourism Sector Gains

By Praxcedes

Speaking in a recent official opening of the continental tourism marketing conference in Indaba, Durban, South African President Jacob Zuma urged Africa to maximize tourism sector gains by consolidating industry travel products in Africa. East African countries comprise Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania landmark natural resources like Lake Victoria, Mount Kilimanjaro among other attractions for the benefit of tourists visiting these destinations.

Mr. Zuma pointed out in his speech that Africa remains behind in attracting huge tourist numbers due to tight airspace travel restrictions of an open sky policy within the continent. Kenya designs her marketing campaigns using Mount Kilimanjaro when it is actually in Tanzania. Lake Victoria water is also shared by the three East African countries in promotion of tourism and trade. He challenged other African countries to emulate this example in marketing and attracting more foreign tourists into the continent. Global tourism recorded a straight seventh year in steady industry growth since the world financial crisis in 2009. The United Nations World Tourism Organization [UNWTO] statistics clearly show that more than one billion people travel around the World annually. World international tourists arrival numbers shot up by about four per cent average. There is a huge potential industry growth in Africa that remains untapped and unexploited that can turn around the sector in the shortest time possible.

Africa tourism sector needs to work closely with her global partners in opening the beautiful African skies and borders to attract more travelers to this destination. Africa must move forward in this lucrative business and be able to compete other leading world destinations.