A British Team of Professional Euro-African Vocals to market Kenya Tourism

August 22, 2018


A British Team of Professional Euro-African Vocals to market Kenya Tourism


By Praxcedes

A British team of professional Euro-African vocals to market Kenya tourism in the United Kingdom campaign was recently launched in London. The campaign is branded ‘’How well do you know Kenya’’ starts with around the country trip led by Kenya’s High Commissioner, Grace Cerere.

The Kenya tourism industry has diversified to include other attractions besides the Masai Mara and the soft white sandy coastal beaches with Diani as Africa’s Leading Beach Destination, said Grace Cerere.

The country’s rich cultural diversity is one of Kenya’s most selling travel products today.

This campaign started with great performance at the Kenya Music Festival in Nyeri attended by a visiting vocalist, Rob Hodkidson who is very passionate about marketing of cultural tourism and destination Kenya. Other vocals in this program include Alice Williams, James Beard, Adam Biddlecombe, Jack Brewer and Nicole Sarah Gill, is a project of the Masai Cultural Art founded by three years ago as a strategy of marketing Kenya as a destination by Diana Badia. This ambitious project aims at packaging and marketing Kenya cultural tourism, gap year and material culture involving young cultural ambassadors traveling from Kenya to the UK on a cultural tour to promote Kenyan tourism abroad.

The professional vocals have developed top quality popular Euro-Afro music. Some of the successfully uploaded videos aggressively trending on social media are available at https://www.youtube.com/howwelldoyouknowkenya inviting the world to access Kenya’s live culture online, while showcasing the country’s rich cultural diversity as world’s destination of choice.

Campaign ambassadors met among other dignitaries high ranking ministries officials from tourism, culture and education; permanent presidential music commission, the British High Commissioner to Kenya and the British Council. The Kenya National Music Festival provides a remarkable platform for the British vocals to promote music genre throughout the country attracting about 1.7 million fans.



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