6 Travel tips before visiting Kenya for the first time

  • 6 Travel tips before visiting Kenya for the first time

6 Travel Tips before visiting Kenya for the first time

6 Travel tips before visiting Kenya for the first time basically explains what you need to know about this beautiful country with diverse landscapes, incredible wildlife and highly hospitable people who will make your visit pleasant, memorable and truly special. Kenya is one of Africa’s safest travel destinations with plenty to enjoy and learn. This guide will help you adequately plan a successful trip to Kenya.


Here below are your important travel tips:


1. Traveler safety revolves around you and your lifestyle. You are advised not to openly carry your valuables such as camera, jewelery and watches so you don’t expose yourself to petty robbers. Keep your dressing style modest, make and keep a passport copy in your luggage, secretly wear money belt below your clothes for safe keeping of your passport and cash. Completely avoid carrying large sums of money, wearing expensive jewelery and flashy cameras.


2. Medical travel requirements comprise mandatory injections that you can conveniently get from your doctor ahead of your trip. These injections are Typhoid, Tetanus, Poliomyelitis, Diphtheria and Hepatitis A. Other important injections for your consideration are cholera, yellow fever, hepatitis B, meningococcal meningitis and rabies. Please note that yellow fever is mandatory for African trips. Malaria prevention tablets are available throughout the country to keep you safe from malaria attacks. However, side effects of malaria tablets are minimal.


3. Wildlife and insects need very cautious approach especially as you move around enjoying the beauty of the country. Avoid making noise around wild animals as this will provoke them to attack. Cover yourself in insect repellant to prevent bites from flies, bugs and mosquitoes.


4. VISA document is very important when you are travelling Kenya and can either be purchased from any Kenyan embassies or high commissions from your country, or purchased in cash in US Dollars from the airport on arrival at between $30 and $50.


5. Food and drink in this country is amazing with everything tastefully delicious, finger-licking, and professionally served in true African friendly style. From soft delicious steak to fresh seasoned food wonderfully prepared by qualified chefs is no doubt an experience to write about Kenya. Be very careful when eating street food. Ask your guide where you can buy well cooked and safe-to-eat food especially when you have a sensitive stomach before your system accepts local cuisine. Safe drinking bottled water is available all over the country’s small retail shops and supermarkets.


6. Culture, language and people are completely dependent on traditions and locations. Kenya is a multi-racial and cultural society with diverse Christian and Muslim religions. There are 45 different tribes who live harmoniously with each other. A few cases of tribal differences have been reported. Community visits to learn the cultures and traditions of most popular tribes of the Maasai, Samburu, among others can be arranged by your property. Kenya is a multilingual country most popular with English and Swahili as the two official languages.


It is high time you book your next trip to Kenya, wont you?!


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