10 Best Reasons to visit Kenya

By Peter Adel

Nairobi Kenya


We have compiled the following list of 10 best reasons to visit Kenya for those travelers who are planning a memorable holiday to Africa and are not sure of exactly where to go. Kenya offers a wide range of perfect destinations to suit the needs of every family member.

Here are Twende Safari’s 10 Best reasons to visit Kenya:


  1. African Hospitality

Kenyans are very friendly people and are known to be the world’s friendliest people who are keen to detail in welcoming visitors’ with a smile right from their entry point, to the hotels and everywhere else across the country.


  1. Favorable Weather Conditions

The Equator passes through Kenya which makes the country enjoy sunshine all year around ensuring hot temperatures at all times. Sunbathing is most popular attraction with tourists along the coastal beaches of Mombasa, Malindi and other beach destinations.


  1. Luxury Accommodation and International Cuisine

There is a wide range of luxury accommodation available from world-class star hotels, resorts, lodges and camps designed with class and comfort in mind, safari tented camps commonly found in wildlife game reserves with all properties serving quality meals that meet every international standard in their own categories. Buffets offer unmatched choices for all visitors.


  1. Award Winning Safaris

Some properties have become highly competitive by offering “adventure clubs” specially designed for the children’s fun and for learning basic lessons in wildlife conservation techniques, environment and nature conservation mechanisms. Magical memorable award winning safaris are found here.


  1. Soft White Sandy Coastal Beaches

There are a number of world-class soft white sandy beaches in Kenya including the World Travel Award winning Diani Beach, Bamburi and Shanzu beaches, Watamu and Kilifi beaches among many others. Beach experience can be perfectly matched with bush safaris in order to enjoy both worlds of magical Kenya.


  1. Rich Cultural Diversity

Kenya comprises more than 42 tribes with each tribe speaking their own different languages, cultures and traditions cutting across diverse cultural backgrounds stretching from Mombasa to Kisumu. Plan to enjoy your holiday speaking languages like Swahili, “Jambo, Habari yako, etc”, hunt and dance with the Maasai, visit communities and eat nyama Choma to enjoy the robust culture of Kenya.


  1. Travel Guide Professionals

All Safaris in Kenya are guided by professional travel experts who are highly trained in handling of both adults and children of all age groups. Corporate travel organizations hire staffs who are members of the ‘Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association’. The medium and large size operators are professional members of ‘Kenya Association of Tour Operators’ who are guided by strict code of conduct and ethics. More importantly is that guide professionals are trained to speak different international languages such as English, French, German, Indian, Spanish, Chinese, and Italian among many others.


  1. Tailor-made Travel Plans

We design your adventure family safaris to perfectly suit the activity package needs of your family members. Whether it is mountain climbing, game drive, swimming, bird watching, community visits, horse and donkey riding or racing among several other activities.



  1. Family Quality Time

Spending quality time with your family is a priority engagement during your holiday. Learn and take time to participate in what your family especially the children enjoy doing the most. This is the great opportunity to bond tightly with those close to your heart. Your experiences here will make part of a lifetime memories for each family member.


  1. Your Preferred Hobbies

Varieties of breath-taking travel activities are lined up here for you. We expose you to an endless tail of activities including nature, birding, photography, and swimming among other preferred hobbies.

Welcome to the world of magical Kenya.